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Harvard Business Review Recommende By: Josh Chang, Manager at HubSpot, Acquisition Analytics Why He Loves It: “I love this article because while everyone knows marketing analytics is important, it’s challenging to do marketing analytics right so that it has a significant impact on the overall business.

Many companies It is a content promotion suffer from having

too much data and not knowing what to do with it. But if you have the right data, systems, processes, and people in place, you can better ensure that marketing special data  analytics isn’t waste and has a tangible and positive impact.” 13. How Reesigning HubSpot’s Website Double Conversion Rates | HubSpot Recommende By: the HubSpot Website Blog Team Why They Love It: “‘Not another HubSpot plug,’ you might say, but this post is one of our best ones — we constantly refer to it to remind ourselves how small changes can create a lasting impact. You can see, process-by-process, how the new website came about.

Written in a case study format

this article is a great primer for marketing teams  Phone Number BL everywhere on how and why they should consider a website reesign and what to take into consideration. While the post was publishe a few years ago, its relevance stays high.” 14. 4 Lessons We’ve Learne, Sometimes the Hard Way, About Inclusive Marketing | Think With Google Recommende By: Sammi Kim, Marketing Manager at HubSpot, HubSpot Research Why She Loves It: “Written by the SVP of Global Marketing at Google, this article speaks to the importance of inclusive marketing. 

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