How long does the landlord have to fix

Damage and repairs, one of the most confusing topics when renting a home. Who pays what, and in how long? Next, we explain how much time the landlord has to fix a breakdown. Rent your apartment and forget about worries 0% late payment. We take charge if the tenant does not pay. GET INFORME FOR FREE As an owner, should I fix a damage in my rental apartment? When it comes to repairs, the Urban Leases Law (LAU) leaves the door open to interpretation. Although the regulations demarcate the limits on who must pay for which repairs and maintenance, they do so under the umbrella of so-called “necessary repairs.” Article 21.1 of the LAU, which encompasses everything related to the conservation of the home, literally states that the owner will be responsible .” That’s the question.  The measure is subject to the reading that each party makes of the damage, as well as the situation and context in which it occurred.

Repairs and maintenance: who is in charge of what?

Both landlord and tenant can repair some damage throughout the duration of the rental contract. After all, furniture and appliances, among other items, have a certain useful life and can break down at any time . But when it’s time to call the technician or pay the repair bill, who decides who bears which cost? In that sense, the LAU distributes the obligations of both parties , owner and tenant. Let’s see what they are. Get the maximum benefit from USA Phone Number Data your rental Use our calculator and discover the profitability of renting your home GET INFORME FOR FREE Lessor Obligations The landlord’s obligations regarding repairs fall essentially on major repairs, the most important. But be careful! This will only happen when the deterioration of the repair is not the responsibility of the tenant. If that were the case, then it would be the responsibility of the tenant. For example, let’s say that the boiler in the home you rent is many years old and breaks down. As this is maintenance to ensure that the home is functioning correctly , it will be you, the owner, who will be in charge of changing it and paying the price.

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Lessee obligations

When it comes to small repairs , these are the responsibility of the tenant. This is established in Article 21.4 of the LAU, which explains verbatim: “Small repairs required by wear and tear due to ordinary use of the home will be the responsibility of the tenant.” Therefore, elements such as a broken glass, a layer of paint on the wall due to wear and tear or a socket that does Finland Phone Number List not work will generate costs that the tenant must assume . Is there a maximum time to fix a fault? Today, there is no maximum time to fix a damage in a rented apartment. Even so, it is understood that, if the breakdown that occurs is serious, its repair should be in a matter of hours or days. The LAU does emphasize the time that work can last in the apartment while the tenant resides there. In essence, if a repair to the home lasts more than twenty days , the monthly payment must be reduced in proportion to the part of the home that the works will have deprived of the tenant.

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