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Through posts, you can direct more and more people to your membership site. to be proven so you can feel more confident about selling. There’s no point in spending time building a membership site that’s only of interest to you and your best friends. “Convert” readers (almost) into customers Many bloggers and entrepreneurs often miss this step. One reason could be that people (still) think that people automatically want to buy a recommended product just because it’s featured on a blog. But it should give readers a “reason” to buy. If you think about yourself, how willing would you be to part with your hard-earned euros? so.

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The same method I teach in my online coaching from Blogger to Professional™. Automatic (passive) income on membership sites There aren’t many membership sites in Finland yet. Membership sites are a great new database way to generate revenue, but as a membership site administrator, you need to be prepared to commit to content creation over the long term. :  which you will build your membership website You offer access at an affordable monthly price (e.g. 19.90 €/month) You produce new material for your membership website every month You increase your membership page price 1-2 times a year for new members You can pay your membership fees automatically, for example via Paypal Content production includes producing paid materials and writing blog posts once a month.

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For example, the increase in attendees from blogger to professional group coaching is as follows November 2017 43 participants June 2018 84 participants November 2018 109 participants You can automatically sell your online course (as well as the ebook) to a blog or email list. ready-made method through which you can steadily Phone Number BL direct readers to the product for sale. More on this topic: This is how I built several passive income streams for myself I personally get feedback at least once a month: “Tiia, you can sell more of your courses.” Get feedback like this  my content marketing strategy is working perfectly.

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