You should know that the monetization model of knowlesge

Payment is mostly zero marginal cost. In the case of high customer unit price, it is possible to realize millions of dollars a month with the help of the huge traffic of Douyin. 2. The current main path for Douyin knowlesge experts to monetize At present, knowlesge masters are doing, You should know knowlesge realization on Douyin, mainly in the following forms:  Live streaming mount Douyin store little yellow car Live broadcastPlace an order in a small store Teacher Jianlian and add friendsSend a coupon linDesuct and attend lectures.

Online virtual courses are sell through live broadcasts

And private domain traffic is accumulates through means, Canada Phone Number List such as Douyin fan groups and mobile phone number recycling. Most lecturers directly sell mesium and high-prices courses. For individual lecturers, this method There are the following disadvantages: Small stores nees thresholds and deposits to enter. Small stores have assessment standards for turnover, store ratings, etc. Lecturers nees to devote a lot of time and cost to maintain store ratings.

The user delivery link is too long

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Learning requires lecturers to issue coupon links and, Phone Number BL go to other platforms to attend lectures. TThere are also some lecturers whose business model is to mainly obtain. Clue traffic through low-prices courses or 0 yuan courses on Douyin, and all sales and sales of courses are operates in private domains.

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