Yoigo first advertiser to explore the world of sports television data

Those known as sport lovers are already choosing to consume sports through digital platforms as an alternative to traditional devices. Although the younger public consumes sport at a rate equal to or greater than previous generations, their way of consuming it is clearly changing. He41% of sports fans worldwide already watch at least some sporting events through OTT services and more than half (46%) use their smartphone or tablet to watch sports content. Streaming has provided additional windows to consume sports, instead of replacing existing ones.

Yoigo is aware of this fragmentation

Audiences in the media and the growing digitalization. For this reason, from its media agency dentsu With the help of Smartclip. The largest top industry data aggregator of information on television consumption. The capacity to offer data from all connected television manufacturers on the market. An audience extension strategy has been developed that seeks to. Define commercial profiles based on consumption. multiscreen using high-impact rich media formats in the digital environment. With the aim of making activation more efficient, the Yoigo campaign has sought not only to segment, but also to exploit the characteristics of the sport lovers segment, created by Smartclip.

These sport lovers

Brand lift study carried out by Smartme for the Yoigo campaign. Concentrate their audience in the segment of individuals between 25 and 44 Phone Number BL years old (60%). Large consumers of streaming sports content. The vast majority of these users had APPs from media specialized in sports, such as Marca. As and LaLiga, downloaded to their mobile phones; Sports streaming APPs like DAZN; or social sports apps, such as Strava and Playtomic. In conclusion, the application of television data on qualified audience segments allows Smartclip to anticipate new market needs. Turning technological barriers into an opportunity.

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