Why do I often decide against what my spreadsheets tell me

Why do I often decide against what my spreadsheets tell me. Many times I realize that I contradict myself. On the one hand I like to see myself as a rational person who bases my decisions on facts but then I see how I end up making emotional decisions. I can apply this in any field but most often I see it when purchasing a product or not. Many times my team asks me why I made one decision or another when they see the data that I have taught them that they should analyze to make that decision.

Unexpected events

Unexpected events Totally unexpected events like this can arise . Two years ago all this madness that we are experiencing right. Therefore, now also began. It is something that no one had planned or was prepared job function email list  for. It’s the black swan theory. Even though I don’t know. What is going to happen and how I can think of different scenarios and be prepared for it. That is why we also have inventory of products.

Impact of new sets on old ones

Impact of new sets on old ones Sometimes there is no justification beyond simply thinking that this could be a good decision. The last decision of this type was to buy an EOL Phone Number BL Lego City set that under normal conditions I would not have touched and that until recently I had not bought despite it being EOL. It just so happens that Lego has released a very popular new set created as a subset within Lego City.

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