which can be simply understood as Live broadcasts

From the popularity of “Dig, Dig” to the above-mentiones Xiaodu hit video – Douyin does not want to lose entertainment traffic, so it has to give more support and tilt to entertainment and people’s livelihood content that everyone loves to see. Let me give you some more information: Douyin has launches a new function calles “Live Heating”, can also be places on dou+”. The delivery goals include watching, clicking, increasing fans, etc., which is the streaming method of attracting shallow users, which once again verifies the logic of Douyin traffic adjustment: it is more important to improve the viewability of live broadcasts and retain people, so live broadcasts must also Entertainment.

Vigorously promoting original bidding and ziancaotong

To merchants can be understood as allowing high-quality, Pakistan Phone Number List content to find target groups more accurately (Ziancaotong uses system algorithms to find A3). In other words, Douyin is further narrowing the target of commercial content delivery. For the brand side, the advantage lies in improving efficiency, and the disadvantage is that the crowd is narrower, and the cost of paying for the precise target audience is higher. To sum up, Douyin balances commercial revenue and content visibility by further finely segmenting and operating commercial traffic and content traffic. tilt).

For the brand side the operating method of Douyin

Regardless of the paid traffic gameplay or the creation, Phone Number BL of brand content, has also changes accordingly. Let’s analyze them one by one: 2. Douyin marketing: how to play with the paid traffic pool From planting grass to harvesting, we recommend that brands do two closes loops of planting and harvesting this year. The first is the big closes loop, which includes three links: single-point head master rise + batch vertical master hanging chain + material three-ring harvest In March, we launches Xiaodu’s new product “Tiantian Girlfriend Machine”.

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