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Banks finance up to 80% of the loan, but there are exceptions that go up to 100%. In today’s article we review which bank will finance up to 100% of the mortgage . Get your ideal mortgage and up to 100% financing Going from bank to bank is a thing of the past.  You buy a home and are going to apply for a mortgage , it is most likely that you will find a maximum financing of 80% from financial institutions. This implies that you must contribute the remaining 20% ​​of the loan, capital that comes from your savings. However, there are cases in which the interested party does not have these initial savings and, therefore, cannot access the loan. This is where the 100% mortgage comes into play. This way, you do not pay any amount as entry. Who can request mortgages from Banco Santander with 1.5% interest.

What is the Banco Santander Young Mortgage?

The Young Mortgage from Banco Santander is a loan aimed at those people who want to acquire their first home and need a financing percentage that exceeds the classic 80% . This is one of the best options on the current mortgage market if what you are looking for is to obtain almost all of the financing. Housfy improves your mortgage and helps you save on your payment Korea WhatsApp Number Data We negotiate with banks to offer you better conditions to get a 100% mortgage in Santander? To get closer to getting up to 100% of the mortgage, you must take into account your financial profile. Below, we detail the requirements for the 100% mortgage in Santander: You are under 35 years old . Financing of up to 95% of the lowest value, between the appraisal and the purchase and sale price.

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Other mortgages from Banco Santander

Of the mortgage offers that we can find in the current real estate market, Banco Santander has some of the best options. Among them, there is another Santander mortgage that, although it is not 100×100, is close and reaches up to 90%. According to the entity itself on its website, the mortgage is obtained by purchasing a. The basic requirements are: Mortgage intended for the purchase Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List of a primary home or second residence . Mortgage intended for the acquisition of premises, offices and warehouses . Which bank gives a mortgage up to 100% plus expenses? For now, no bank offers a mortgage up to 100% plus notary, agency, registration and associated taxes.

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