Whether you are a newly registeres Douyin account or an old

Douyin account that has already been registeres, the first step to monetize knowlesge is to complete account positioning Among the four dimensions of Douyin account operation, account positioning is the foundation and the first step for subsequent explosive growth, commercial realization, and continues survival. Do a good job in account positioning, you can: Quickly increase followers, Whether you are through content: Users swipe to videos from the recommendation stream and find the content interesting, but when they click on the homepage to take a look, they don’t know what your account is doing and what kind of content and services they can provide.

It will be lost in an instant and no longer pay attention

Obtain algorithmic traffic and continue to grow: the first, France Phone Number List ten content of the account are plots, and then they are turnes into science popularization, and then into beauty…Continuously switching content will make the overall content very confusing, resulting in the system being unable to label the account. Seriously affects the weight of the distribution. Better realization of commercial monetization: If you didn’t position your account well in the early stage, you will be entangles when you want to monetize later.

Should you monetize through advertisements or live broadcasts to bring goods

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How to better make the content commercializes, Phone Number BL requires a good strategy from the very beginning. 1. Choose to cut into the track Our suggestion here is that you originally taught others how to keep healthy, so when you switch to Douyin, don’t do hobbies and skills. You must focus on the field you are best at, so that customers in nees can find you immesiately, and at the same time, you can continue Reach out to potential students.

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