Where to invest in housing in Madrid: these

It seemed that the situation of the real estate market in 2022 would be a drawback when investing in housing . The data that closed last year left a profitability of 7.2% , exceeding the 6.9% of the previous year. However, this is a percentage of the net profit at the national level. In this article, we tell you where to invest in housing in Madrid . Keep reading! Invest easily and safely Knowing finances to invest well is a thing of the past. GET INFORME FOR FREE Rental profitability by neighborhood in Madrid How profitable is it to rent in the capital ? The answer will vary depending on where we are. As a starting point, the profitability that Madrid registered in the last quarter of 2022 was 4.4% . This percentage is extracted from the quarterly report prepared by the appraisal company Tinsa on the situation of the residential market in Spain.

Where is the most profitable rental in Madrid?

The district with the highest rental profitability in Madrid is Puente de Vallecas, with 6.2% . Thus, it is surprising that only one district of the capital exceeds the profitability threshold of 6%. The remaining areas are below. In second place is San Blas, with a profitability of 5.8% . Finally, the podium UAE WhatsApp Number Data is completed by Vicálvaro , four tenths below and generating a profit of 5.4%. Next, we review which other areas have a percentage higher than the Madrid average : Carabanchel, with 5.1%. Usera, with 5%. Tetouan, with 4.9%. Villaverde, with 4.8%. Ciudad Lineal, with 4.7%. Villa de Vallecas, with 4.7%. Latina, with 4.6%. Some of these districts have the lowest prices per square meter in the city, as would be the case of Villaverde, with a value of . It is accompanied by Puente de Vallecas, with  and Usera, with.

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What are the most profitable apartments to rent?

The most profitable apartments to rent are those you will find in Puente de Vallecas . It is the district with the highest profitability in the capital, with a percentage of 6.2%. The gross rental profitability in Madrid follows a center-periphery scheme . The more central districts have higher prices and lower returns. Therefore, peripheral areas have cheaper values ​​and Hungary WhatsApp Number List have higher benefits. It is clear that the most exclusive areas of the capital do not have to be the most profitable . In any case, they continue to attract the attention of investors. Best area of ​​Madrid to invest in housing When asked if there is a better area to invest in Madrid , the simple answer is no. And selecting the best area of ​​Madrid to invest in housing depends on many factors, the main one being the budget you have .

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