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 For example, I personally use the Active Campaign program and its Lite version. I currently pay about 39€/month for this project. Good alternatives are Mailchimp (free for up to 2000 addresses), Convert, Get response and Weber. Emails are collected in one or more lists. Depending on the program, you can send an email (i.e. message) to all or part of the list by pressing a button. This way you can reach a lot of people in a really cost-effective way. Also Read:  Your Audience and Customer Base Only on Social Media In Active Campaigned, I start by choosing the type of message I want to send. I usually send a weekly newsletter as a base campaign, but sometimes I use automated messages (autoresponders) and automated campaigns (email automation) Next, I select the list where the message goes. I can still use different tags to limit the people on the list.

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 But now it can be done on its own, taking only 30 minutes to format and write a letter. The purpose of an email list is special data to be able to send value-added messages to readers who are genuinely interested in what you write. The purpose of email is to reinforce the trust and credibility you’ve built through blogging and content marketing. Email marketing, on the other hand, is a way to gain revenue or sales. How is the email list collected? There are 3 steps to gathering an email list. 1. Think and Make Free Gifts It’s important to remember and understand that people don’t want to give you their email addresses. They worry about you spamming them. That’s why you should try harder to convince yourself that you won’t do it. For this reason, I highly recommend giving a free gift as a thank you in exchange for an email address.

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For example, if I select the “General” list in the image below, I can limit the message to people who are in the General list and have the Entrepreneur tag. After that I choose on which basis I want to write the message. Personally, I don’t use ready-made templates because they don’t work very well. For example, I try very hard to avoid including pictures in my messages. As you can see from the image below, the previous campaign has sent 762 . In Active Phone Number BL Campaigned, emails are built from “blocks” (i.e. parts). I have various ready-made blocks saved to my account.  letter, I select a ready-made block or a saved blog and drag it into the letter. Editing the letter took some time at first before I could understand how the message template worked.

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