What is Seasonality and How Does It Relate to Online

The seasonality of business is usually associated with tourism or Christmas stands. However, it turns out that it can also affect e-commerce businesses, regardless of the industry.

However, It Should Be Emphasized. That When It Will Occur and How. Strongly It Will Be Felt is an Individual. Matter for Each Industry. When Their Sales. Will Decline Depends on Many Factors. However, It is Worth Remembering That Seasonality. Also Means That There Are Periods. Of Prosperity, a Larger Number of Inquiries and Orders.

Poles show greater interest in shopping before Christmas. In November and December, many people plan to buy gifts and are willing to spend much higher amounts on them than in other periods of the year.

What Determines the Seasonality of Sales

This is why brands that want to increase sales in December should prepare appropriate advertising campaigns.

The second important period for e-commerce is Black Friday. It always falls on the last Ws Number List Friday of November. Customers of online stores are able to spend much more on this day than throughout October.

This is due to effective marketing campaigns that encourage customers with promotions, sales and discounts. These are often valid throughout the week and are combined with the next e-commerce holiday, Cyber ​​Monday – which always falls on the first Monday after Black Friday.

Online stores can also count on good sales after the holidays, when seasonal sales begin. This is a very important period for all businesses, allowing them to achieve high turnover.

Seasonality Depends on Many Factors What

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Post-Christmas sales are also a great opportunity to sell last year’s collections and assortments unsold during the holidays.

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