What happens if the seller does not pay 

When selling a home, the stipulation is that the seller is the one who taxes the operation and pays the municipal capital gains tax , among others. But there’s a chance that won’t happen. Below, we explain what happens if the seller does not pay the capital gain . Sell ​​your house getting more for less Paying a lot to receive little is a thing of the past. By way of context, we briefly review what municipal capital gains are, as well as some of their main characteristics. After all, if you are going to sell an apartment , it is best to know the more the better. Simply put, municipal capital gains refer to the Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land (IIVTNU). This type of tax taxes the increase in value that a property obtains from the purchase until the moment of its sale. The municipal capital gain is essential to know how much money the property you have sold has appreciated. In this case, for as long as you’ve had it. As it is a municipal tax, there is no specific amount. What is the deadline to pay municipal capital gains?

Who must pay the capital gain?

The capital gain is a tax that the seller must pay . This is stipulated by the Local Treasury Regulatory Law, the same one that manages the tax. But why? The seller is the one who, by law, appears as a taxpayer of the tax . This means that, intrinsically, it is the owner who pays the municipal France Telegram Number Data capital gain. Anyone who inherits a home or receives a donation must also pay the capital gain . Cases in which the seller does not pay the capital gain When is the capital gain not paid on the sale of an apartment ? The truth is that there are two situations in which the seller could not afford to pay the municipal capital gain. Although not very common, they are feasible and legal. Pay attention because you could benefit from any of the following exemptions in the payment of capital gains: If you negotiate with the buyer of the home the payment of the tax. In this way, he will be responsible for paying the amount of the capital gain. But, keep in mind that the buyer most likely does not want to make this payment, since he is not responsible for it. If you sell the home, but do not reside in Spain. You can transfer your home to a new owner while you reside in another country.

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How to calculate the capital gain?

To know how capital gains are calculated , you will have to take into account which method you choose to do it and obtain the maximum possible benefits. Since November 2021, there are two methods to calculate it, they are as follows: Royal method. It is calculated by subtracting the France Telegram Number List value for which you acquired the home from the sale price. You must multiply this result by the percentage of the cadastral value awarded to the land in question. Objective method. You multiply the cadastral value of the land at the time of sale by the municipal capital gains coefficient chosen by your city council. The coefficient will depend on how long you have owned the property.  . But pay attention, as they may want to recover the tax they paid.  Although it would be a complicated procedure to carry out, it is possible. As a seller, you can refuse to return the tax amount to the buyer. However,

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