What happens to my mortgage if the


The bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank and the collapse of Credit Suisse give no respite to the real estate sector. The fear that the Lehman Brothers case will be repeated makes applying for a mortgage an even more considered decision. Next, we explain what happens to the mortgage if the bank goes bankrupt. Housfy improves your mortgage and helps you save on your payment We negotiate with banks to offer you better conditionsWhat happens if a bank fails and you have a mortgage? When a banking entity cannot meet its debts and responsibilities, it enters bankruptcy . But can a mortgage loan be saved? The answer is very simple. Banks and the bankruptcy that may affect them does not directly affect those who have a mortgage .

How do you save a bankrupt bank?

To give you an idea, let’s see what the bank bankruptcy process is , as well as all the phases that the entity goes through. First of all, when the bank goes bankrupt, it files for bankruptcy . The main purpose of this action will be to try to negotiate that the creditors of the financial institution Russia Phone Number Data pay as much money as possible to it, in order to ensure that it continues to exist. It  also happen that an agreement is not reache in the bankruptcy proceedings. In that case, the second step would be what is calle orderly liquidation . This process consists of dividing the entity into different parts, which other national or international banks can buy to help pay off the debt. The third context would be the most extreme, since we would be facing a rescue of the entity carried out by the State .

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Can I change my bank mortgage if it goes bankrupt?

It is normal that concern about the bankruptcy of our bank grows, taking into account the events that have dominated the headlines in recent days in the financial field. Therefore, if you want, you can improve Chile Phone Number List your mortgage through two classic methods: Mortgage subrogation due to change of creditor. It consists of transferring your mortgage loan from one bank to another. But, who can subrogate a mortgage ? Whoever wants, as long as they pay the subrogation commission, the appraisal costs and the costs of the new mortgage. Cancellation of the mortgage. Another option is to pay off the mortgage you had with the money offered by the new bank, and take out a new one with the same one. Keep in mind that you will have to pay the opening commission and the relevant expenses.

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