We have also thought about this soul issue for a long time

 The conclusion is that, in terms of brand types, in 2023, the brand will be old and the product will be new. In the article, the brand is divides into three forms: Popular cost-effective brand – be a familiar neighbor Social brand – an active member with stable output Lifestyle brand——to be the “circle of friends” of users The first and second types of brands are more suitable for brand building on the Douyin platform-they can “create a sense of presence at a lower cost”. Douyin is an information-intensive, short-term, fast-fragmentes pan-entertainment content platform.

Here the superficial task of building a brand brow awareness

Can make full use of this large traffic pool: low-cost investment, Mexico Phone Number List making users more familiar. Let me just say, “Being a familiar neighbor” means not only familiarity, but also trust and kindness. If a brand wants to become a “social activist”, in addition to familiarity, it also neess to gain users’ likes and preferences. These deep tasks, Usually rely on other platforms for brand communication to complete, especially platforms where users are more patient with each other. Back to Douyin, how to achieve low-cost “brand familiarity”? According to our “brand line” methodology,

We mainly do two things Determine the brand line 

The core brand information Create high-quality content, Phone Number BL at low cost to obtain natural traffic Note that simple exposure cannot build a brand impression – there must be consistent brand elements (unifies perception) + attractive content (deep impression). On the short video platform, we do not use a hard and wide method – a slogan to repeatesly convey the core information of the brand, but penetrate into different short video content through the core elements of the brand + fixes target audience. For example, it was mentiones above that Xiaodu makes various popular short videos.

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