Virtual tour for houses: the ideal tool to sell

Imagine taking a virtual tour of your  to feel as if they were walking through it. That’s what virtual home tours are all about. In today’s article, we show you how to take a 360 virtual tour of houses . Sell ​​your house getting more for less Paying a lot to receive little is a thing of the past. GET INFORMED FOR FREE What is a 360 virtual home tour? When we talk about a virtual tour, we are referring to virtual visits of houses that are carried out with. In essence, it is a tool that uses the latest technologies to simulate an itinerary throughout the home. And why is it called a 360 virtual tour? The main reason lies in the instrument used to take photographs of the home. It is a 360-degree camera , which takes images of the home from all possible angles at the same time. Home sales increase by 6.6% in compared to the previous year

Characteristics of a 360 virtual tour of a property

360 virtual house tours don’t have much mystery when it comes to features. As a digital tool, the virtual tour uses virtual reality and 3D photography technologies to simulate a real space. Likewise, it offers complete or almost complete coverage of the home, seeking that feeling of realism Netherlands Phone Number Data that characterizes the service. What is a virtual tour of an apartment for? We could say that the main function of the virtual tour of an apartment is to offer a different point of view of the property that you want to sell, and complementary to the textual description that the advertisement could have. Thus, the 360 ​​virtual tour of a house can be use as additional content to those static photographs that we would fin in the advertisement on a real estate portal. In some way, it is a differentiating element , which will undoubtedly attract the attention of any user. Advantages of taking a 360 tour of a home Virtual tours arrived with great force in the real estate market, and it is not surprising, since the advantages they offer are very interesting .

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How to take a 360 virtual tour of a house

Carrying out a 360 virtual tour is a process that requires time, technique and care . Below, we explain how it is carrie out: Using a 360-degree camera , photographs are take of all rooms in the home, so that every corner is capture. Optionally, specific information can be adde to each photo . For example, highlight a point of interest or make a textual Bulgaria Phone Number List description of the area. With the help of specialized computer software, the 360 ​​photographs taken at home are unified , in such a way that they form a virtual plan of the home that follows a route. The last elements are adde , such as certain general descriptions or the geolocation of the home, among others. 2023 Income Calendar after selling an apartment Take a virtual tour of your home with Housfy Creating a 360 virtual tour is relatively simple, but you must have the necessary tools to be able to do it with the best possible quality. Therefore, if you are going to sell your apartment, it is best that you have the help of professionals in the matter.

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