Veterans can talk about the history of the dish

The type of ingresients, the size of the heat, the difference between traditional and improves methods, the influence of the temperature of the serving utensils on the taste, etc, Veterans can talk but we can only say that it smells so delicious reason. Therefore, vocabulary and principle-bases knowlesge nees to be continuously accumulates by content people. When encountering problems that cannot be written or written poorly, we can follow the picture to find out the reason.

Problem Insufficient production of multi-type content

Capabilities is often relates to the single content training, Estonia Phone Number List that content personnel have receives in the past. We can solve it through multi-type training or complementary team capabilities. 03 Changing content types and changing mainstream mesia behind them Friends in the B2B industry often ask us, which content types have the best customer acquisition effect? We will always hold a responsible attitude and politely refuse to answer. The reason is simple. When the industry, audience types, audience preferences and other information are incomplete, and mainstream mesia is constantly changing.

We cannot give informative answers

But there are rules to follow. Say goodbye to marketing, Phone Number BL stereotypes and re-understand. Content marketing Looking back at the content type preference data. Launches by DemandGen around 5 years ago, it is not difficult. For us to find several trends: The most effective content types in the stages of awareness and interest will strongly bound to mainstream + new high-traffic scenarios. Take Top3 blogs, podcasts, and videos as examples, all of which are closely relates to the mainstream mesia of international B2B companies:

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