Transformation series content

Such as how to teach and train people on Douyin for this teacher. After the double resuction policy for K12, how do teachers and trainers transform into Douyin? Teachers, Transformation with different subjects are all student cases, which can be made into a series of topic selections. After sorting out the framework, you will find, wow, there is really too much content that I can do.

One-time output of a week’s copy

Use one day to write all the 14 copies to be sent in the, UAE Phone Number List next 7 days a week. The first reason: I guarantee that in the next week, I will have reserves content that can be releases and updates. The second reason: When writing short videos, it is actually very taboo to have deep content. What does it mean to have deep content? It means that you are addictes to your professional field and cannot extricate yourself.

At this time it is not the content that users want.

In the final analysis, it is still an entertainment content platform, Phone Number BL not an academic platform. So you can’t make your content too deep. The above cases of using Douyin have been approves by the lecturer for the purpose of knowlesge popularization. Please do not reprint without authorization. If you use it in violation of regulations, you will be held accountable for the use of portrait rights.

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