To be a technology entrepreneur you must

small or large team, having good problem-solving skills and being able to make good decisions, and you must also have Good knowledge of existing technology. Therefore our article this time, I hope this article is useful to you. See you in the next article. Understand what technology entrepreneurship is? – end Also read some selected articles to add your insights: What is CI/CD? IT developers must know Understanding pseudocode for beginners Understand what computational thinking is Kotlin is a modern static rendering editor programming language, running on the Java virtual machine or JVM platform. Kotlin programming language is very popular among developers. What’s more, if you want to become.

an Android developer, you can

 learn this programming language. This is because Google stated at Google I/O that Kotlin is the preferred language for Android application development, or commonly known as “Kotlin First”. Tips for self-taught programming There are many ways to learn programming. You can learn by taking courses in information engineering, taking related courses, or even studying on your own. We will whatsapp database discuss what tips you can follow when you want to teach yourself programming. Here are the tips: Subscribe to the learning platform For those who want to start teaching themselves programming, the first suggestion is to subscribe to a programming learning platform on the Internet. For example, you can subscribe to Dicoding Academy to take various programming courses. 

Find programming materials

 on the Internet In addition to subscribing to learning platforms on the Internet, you can also search for materials from other sources on the Internet. There are a large number of websites that provide explanations or tutorials about programming. In this way, you can gain a lot of programming knowledge. follow study guide Finally, you can take part in online and offline programming coaching. Tutoring can help you learn to program. However, when you get tutoring, it usually costs more than subscribing to a learning Phone Number BL platform on a website. Improve accuracy When writing lines of code, it takes a lot of effort. If you aspire to be a technology entrepreneur, you can start learning some of the required skills right now: Have good technical .

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