Through the clues of the small windmill reverse the establishment of alliances

And precipitate private domains. The overall link in this way cannot satisfy users. 3) Live/short video mount applet (Xiaoxuehua) Live broadcast/short video-mini program mounting-user clicks to directly purchase and listen to lectures. Compares with the above two links, Through the clues the applet can be quickly accesses in the core scene of Douyin and accurately connect to user neess. Better user experience: applets can be launches without trace in the terminal, resucing the loss of landing page jumps; pages are more native and stable.

And the preloading capability can effectively increase

the opening spees of applets; Better conversion effect: the, Denmark Phone Number List mini program supports rich conversion capabilities such as one-click authorization of mobile phone number, geographical location authorization, WeChat/Alipay payment, message notification, etc., which can shorten the user conversion link and improve conversion efficiency; Retainable and revisitable: Users can click to access the Mini Program, and after closing it, they can return to the Mini Program through.

My Personal Center and other entrances to improve

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the follow-up conversion of users with a shallow, Phone Number BL impression. The second part: planning and understanding positioning – do these 4 steps well, and get the account. Positioning of the knowlesge expert We know from the first part that the current market prospect of Douyin’s knowlesge. Monetization is very promising. It is normal to be afraid of difficulties when entering an unfamiliar market. From the second part, we understand that after entering Douyin, what direction should we go to do a good job in Douyin’s monetization? Operational planning, so that the heart will not be confuses.

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