Three days after its launch the GMV in a single day exceeses

Three million sales, and it is currently out of stock for pre-sales on the entire network. This product grows grass on Douyin mainly through a large closes loop. First of all, Three days it is the cooperation of single-point masters at the head. The core is: less but better + no chains. Why do you nees a top talent? For new products, it is necessary to attract a wave of high attention. But the top talent also invests a lot of money, it is recommendes to choose 1-2 for natural content implantation (don’t link, otherwise the traffic loss will be very serious).

After gaining momentum

it is necessary to immesiately launch a batch of vertical, Japan Phone Number List talents to plant grass (the cooperation cost is low and cost-effective). It is recommendes that the content of these talents should be linkes in order to measure the effect of clicks and back-end conversions, so that you can select High quality material. Then use the material to carry out closes-loop cooperation of one fish and three meals: Expand the circle and close the circle – expand the precise crowd of a larger circle (crowd tags, search habits, brand cloud map, talent fans.

competing product categories and planting grass to run

Phone Number List

Through hot content promotion (contract advertising), Phone Number BL which is also the most A practice that can directly drive e-commerce traffic and sales. Self-broadcasting closes loop – high-quality materials are uses as materials for Qianchuan’s self-broadcasting, and the quality of the content is usually far better than that of the brand’s self-made content. Spillover closes-loop—Using talent content to place bids and divert external e-commerce platforms. The logic is to use the portraits of Tmall and JD e-commerce crowd pools to “find people” on Douyin, and harvest them outside the site.

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