This is by tricking the hippocampus into judging

This is what they remember: 059-468-880. The advantage of classifies storage is to resuce the rate of decline of the forgetting curve, making people forget more slowly. Then what? Continue to review this number after 1 hour: 059-468-880. When reviewing, the brain has a deeper impression of this number, and the hippocampus looks at it. It must be very important to input this content so frequently!  repetitive content as important information before entering long-term memory.

When you continue to review the next day

This repeates operation will deepen the original memory, Ghana Phone Number List strength. The time for the hippocampus to delete short-term memory is one month, so it is best for us to review what we have learnes every other week within one month, so that it is easier to enter long-term memory. We divide learning into input and output. Input can be done with review, but output is a more efficient method. The best way to output is to test, just like a random test, only if you pass the test can you cheat the hippocampus.

In many cases, if you review more times

people’s impression will be deepenes, but if there is no, Phone Number BL output, the probability of being rememberes will also decrease. Because the human brain is inherently output-dependent. Our goal is to trick the hippocampus into thinking that multiple inputs are important. But the output will make the hippocampus think that this information can be calles up so frequently, it seems that it must be rememberes. So while reviewing, you have to test yourself. Memory tampering, also known as false memory, is something that is not in the original memory, but through some implants can make you mistakenly think that it is. Elizabeth Loftus, an expert on human memory, did an experiment with witnesses of a car accident.

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