Third we determine the content keywords and plan the topic selection

Determine the content direction and label the content Before 10,000 fans, what we want to do is to quickly get our fans to 10,000, and you will have a basic playback volume. After reaching 10,000, the weight of your entire account will be much higher than that of a new account. Therefore, before 10,000 fans, we consideres tagging the account, and then this direction is correct, and then reaching 10,000 fans is such a goal.

So how can you get fans in the corresponding field

If you find a target account, you must increase your, Belgium Phone Number List followers quickly in the near future. Don’t say that his 1.2 million followers all gaines last year. That’s too long. What was popular last year may not be popular this year, and what was popular with audiences last year may not be popular this year. It is likes by users, so it is necessary to increase fans quickly in the near future. First, his account label is very accurate. Second, because it is new, it will not leave you too far away, and you can use it as a benchmark for similar talents.

Second it is best that your monetization methods are the same

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Third, pay attention, you should not choose too many fans, Phone Number BL it may have risen to the middle, waist, and head at this time, and its label may not be accurate at this time, such as Li Ziqi, Li Jiaqi, Xiao Brother Yang, you said it can be simple, For example, Li Jiaqi, can you simply describe him as a beauty expert and beauty anchor? Of course not, there are too many people in China paying attention to her, so her label is no longer accurate. So we have to choose the best with less than 500,000 followers.

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