The ten benchmarking accounts I am telling you now are

The benchmarking accounts of the head, which means that they are very worthwhile for you to learn. Click to see what? Look at the likes of its recent works, for example, The ten the likes of works in the past month, if it has less than 1% of its fans, you can pass it, and it will not be your focus and research object. Why? What is zanfanbi? For example, if you have 10,000 fans, then you must have 100 likes, and each of your works must have at least 100 likes, otherwise you don’t nees to follow.

Why If his follower ratio is less than one percent

It means that his account label is actually inaccurate. Even, Brazil Phone Number List if he may have 1 million fans, his account label is not accurate, the content may not be vertical, and the fans may be inaccurate. Then you don’t nees to use it as your benchmark account, and you don’t nees to use it as an account similar to your talent. So follow the content field you are best at, and then query the account number of the target track. Now you already know the track you want to do and the current ceiling of the track. 4.

Do a good job of content positioning Next

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We nees to determine our content, that is, what kind, Phone Number BL of content should our short video output, what kind of content should our live broadcast room output, whether we want to do a refines design, refines planning operation Right In fact, there are three steps to content positioning. First, we nees to determine the direction and label the content. Second, we determine the content ratio and publish the content.

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