The penalty imposed

Directly by the robot for unclean positioning is above all longlasting and what’s worse  it is impossible to find the source of guilt that led to it. This may result in a drop in traffic and position in the search engine. The dishonest party suffers the consequences until all its sins are corrected which is not easy especially when one is not sure whether all errors have been corrected.


Moreover rebuilding a high position


is a longterm process. Read also: Extended Cyprus Mobile Number List results what are they and is it worth including them in your SEO strategy?Choose white hat SEO Using Black Hat SEO is playing with fire. Although you can achieve a high position in the search engine instantly the results will most likely be disastrous. Filtering or completely removing a domain from the results list is a loss that will take a long time to make up for. Therefore you should focus on white hat SEO  thanks to which you will be able to gain appropriate recognition in search engines  without exposing yourself to severe penalties. HARBINGERS SEO Agency Contextual marketing i.e.


You can also confirm ownership

of a website in other ways including: by installing Albania Phone Number Data a plugin on WordPress or verifying using the Google Analytics tracking code. SEO audit All activities related to website positioning should start with collecting data about the website. An SEO audit is a particularly good solution for companies that do not want to decide on positioning  but only want to prepare for SEO activities. Such a report should be prepared reliably and objectively. An SEO audit is often the starting point when it comes to website positioning.

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