The number of mortgages signed in January

The first month of  led to an increase in the number of mortgages restarting the machinery of the real estate sector. We review the data from the latest report on mortgages in January 2023 below. Find the best mortgage without mistakes Going from bank to bank is a thing of the past.  January  marked by more mortgages and larger amounts the Spanish mortgage market seems to be activating again. After a December 2022 characterized by  it seems that January 2023 offers very positive data and rebukes the upward trend . Great news for those who are going to apply for a mortgage . In January the number of mortgage  in the according to the latest report published by the National Institute of Statistics.

More mortgages with fixed rate interest in January 2023

The INE report reflects that 67.4% of those who took out a mortgage in the first month of the year did so at a fixed interest rate. At the beginning of the year, the average interest rate for variable mortgages was and for fixed rate mortgages. At the same time, the average interest rate Mexico Phone Number Data on mortgages. A surprising figure when compared to the 1.85% recorded in January of the previous year. Andalusia and The Spanish statistics agency also offers the results of the contracting of mortgages on homes by autonomous communities. Thus, in January we see that the highest number of registered mortgages occurred in Andalusia (7,923), Catalonia (6,907) and the Community of Madrid (5,623). However, not all the figures are positive. At the beginning of the year, seven Autonomous Communities recorded negative percentages and falls in annual variation.

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Variación anual del número de hipotecas sobre viviendas (enero 2023)

In relation to the areas in which the most capital is lent for contracting mortgage loans, Madrid is in the lead (with 1,219.0 million euros). Behind would be Catalonia (1,083.3 million euros) and Andalusia (970.5 million). What is better, fixed or variable mortgage? Find the best Brazil Phone Number List mortgage for you with Housfy The data provided by the INE about mortgages in January 2023 are encouraging if you want to take out or improve your mortgage . To this increase in the number of mortgages on homes contracte is adde the rise in their average amount . Thus, the first month of the year registers an average value of 142,654 euros, 1.3% more than in January 2022 . The amount of money that banks lend to established mortgages also increases. Specifically, in January more capital  len than the same month of the previous year, reaching 5,340.2 million euros. At Housfy Mortgages we can help you expedite the process thanks to our mortgage brokers , who negotiate with multiple banks to obtain the conditions that best suit your needs.

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