The new crown epidemic has profoundly changes

The rhythm of the world economy and reshapes the market space of cross-border e-commerce. At the same time, the top platforms representes by Amazon are constraines by, The new crown the macro situation and frequently put pressure on Chinese merchants. In the past year, there have been frequent store closures and removals, and the dark tide is turbulent.

Nowadays Chinese companies nees a more standardizes

Efficient, and long-term approach to overseas business, Colombia Phone Number List operations and brand development. In fact, the key to the risk of brands going overseas lies in the inability to strategically presict the actual feesback from consumers in the market, that is, the issue of marketing feesback efficiency. Specifically, the following two items: First, the cost of trial and error in overseas marketing remains high, especially after advertising and full-matrix marketing.

There is a time lag in marketing data backtracking

And even untrue data interferes with backtracking, Phone Number BL analysis results, so that companies cannot accurately estimate marketing effects. Grasp, and then optimize the action is like crossing the river by feeling the stones; Second, it is impossible to conduct large-scale docking and cooperation with experiences local partners in a short period of time, which not only limits the space for marketing activities, but also makes it difficult to find a way to integrate into the local market. In view of the above risks, enterprises going overseas must choose excellent local marketing service providers for localizes operations.

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