The Integration of Social Networks

The Integration,  How to boost direct bookings? ( First stop ) In the different scenarios ( fairs , meetings. symposiums. training. etc. ) in which we come to be in direct contact.  All of us who make up the world of hospitality always come to perceive that hotel managers or owners in general Most have accepted their dependence on online tourism agencies ( OTAs ) as a normal practice or a cost they must bear to survive. However. Depending largely on reservations made through OTAs may mean not placing your rooms on the market at truly convenient prices, due to the commissions that must be paid, which become a limiter of income. We ask ourselves if we are ready to cross the barrier that our own limitation or comfort puts on us, and in this way leave.

Social networks to stimulate direct hotel reservations

The Integration,  Alfonso Castellano. CEO of InnWise . suggested to us . in a symposium on Canal D irecto (02/2013) organized by the Gremi d’Hotels of Barcelona . ​​that trying to compete top people data directly against OTAs can become a lost fight before it begins. And therefore the most convenient thing is to set objectives according to our possibilities. Such as establishing specific market niches in which we can act and become relevant. A topic to which we will dedicate another post later. To begin with.  We will try to understand why OTAs seem to drive hotel reservations. The answer is simple: they get involved with the advantage of having more budget for new technologies online marketing.  SEO and SEM.  among other things. Than what we can afford for our hotel website .

Can you think of a better way to reach potential hotel customers

other things, than what we can afford for our hotel website . By offering opinions.  search tools. Ratings, etc., OTAs are structured Phone Number BL as a network of interactive pages, which devour everything . However, there is a fact that part of the hotel industry may not be aware of. A very low percentage of people who use OTAs book on their first visit to their websites . They will make a few repeated visits to these or other websites, before proceeding to the final reservation. So here one of the first opportunities is created where we can intervene and draw the attention of potential clients. This does not mean that you have to give up your relationship with OTAs. What we can do without investing too much is to implement interactive tools that make it easier for potential clients.

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