The Government debates the freezing

Freezing variable mortgages would mean putting a cap on their interest rates after the constant increases in the Euribor. This measure is on the table, although there are no plans to implement it yet. Find out what the mortgage freeze is, what mortgage aid exists in 2023 and what ways you can improve your mortgage . Housfy improves your mortgage and helps you save on your payment We negotiate with banks to offer you better conditions GET INFORMED FOR FREE Are they going to freeze variable mortgages? Yolanda Díaz, second vice president and minister of Labor and Social Economy, asked last week to “freeze” variable mortgages and “moderate the benefits” of banks. “The crisis cannot be an excuse to earn more,” she said to the press. The Minister of Social Affairs, Ione Belarre, joined the request: “We need public intervention in the economy that would. Even so, Unidas Podemos insists.

Existing measures for variable mortgages

While the Government is considering freezing, Minister Calviño recalls that there is already a package of measures for mortgages in 2023 . These measures offer benefits such as the following: Request a waiting period of 2 years. Pay less interest during the grace period (up to Euribor – 0.10%). Extend the mortgage up to 7 years. These measures are only available for a small group of clients. Check the requirements for mortgage aid and the list Japan WhatsApp Number Data of banks. Mortgage aid requirements: who can apply for them? How much can a variable mortgage go up? The Euribor , which closed January 2023 at 3.337%. We are going to calculate how much a mortgage rises with the Euribor in 2023. For our example, we will take a mortgage of about €150,000 with a spread of 0.9% for 30 years.

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What is a good interest rate for a variable mortgage?

The latest data from the National Statistics Institute (INE) estimate the average variable interest rate on mortgages established in Spain as of November 2022 at 2.12%. The same mortgages exceeded 5% in 2009 , the first year that the INE records data. After the fifth increase in interest rates by the European Central Bank (ECB), if we continue the same trend, it Brazil WhatsApp Number List is natural to affirm that variable mortgages will rise even more in 2023. So, how are things for anyone who wants to apply for a mortgage in 2023? With the rise in the Euribor, banks are reducing the spreads on variable rate mortgages and gradually increasing the interest rate on fixed mortgages. Check our Euribor forecast for 2024 in the following article. Euribor in 2024: what is the forecast? And how can I improve my mortgage? If you have already signed a loan and are experiencing increases in the payments on your variable mortgage.

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