The Euribor slows down in March although

The Euribor closes the month of little more than one tenth above February. Europe’s variable mortgage benchmark is in its 15th month of increases,   requiring a review of interest rates soon. Find out how much your variable mortgage will rise with the  to improve your mortgage. Find the best mortgage without mistakes Going from bank to bank is a thing of the past. A moderate rise in the Euribor in March It almost reached 4% this March, when on the 9th it reached a daily rate of 3.978%. But then,  Valley Bank and the absorption of Credit Suisse,on March 21. Since that moment,  variable mortgages fluctuating and, with a value higher than that of February.

Mortgages continue to rise: more than additional per year

We take for example an average variable mortgage the Euribor was still negative (-0.237%). In March 2023. Anyone who reviews their mortgage with the March value will go from paying around  per month for the Hong Kong Phone Number Data following year. This translates into at least €3,560 additional annually . The average mortgage holder in Spain will pay about €300 more each month on their variable mortgage. For those who  increases will also be more pronounced. For the same case but with a capital of  , until now the holder should have been paying around  taking the Euribor of March 2023, they will pay around €2,257. This is €792 more each month or at least €9,504 extra per year . Calculate yourself for your specific case.

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Will my variable mortgage increase with the March Euribor?

Only if your mortgage review is at the end of April or May , this rise in the Euribor will affect the installments of your variable mortgage. But there are ways to anticipate this and improve your mortgage Bahrain Phone Number List before your review with the bank or if you have already seen your payments increased recently. As? Looking for another mortgage with better conditions and subrogating you to another bank. It seems more difficult than it really is. At Housfy Hipotecas , our mortgage intermediaries negotiate with the banks to present you with the options that exist so that you can choose the best one for you. Then, we manage the entire process, from start to finish.

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