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your excitement about learning at Dicoding Academy in the form of Reels/TikTok/YouTube videos and upload the videos to your social media accounts. terms and Conditions: The content can be: A day in the life of me as a programmer, developer, etc. Vlog is studying hard at Dicoding. Storytelling decodes learning experiences. Ongoing project documentation. Video length must be at least 30 seconds Video display can be in portrait/landscape or format depending on the platform you are using. Tag @dicoding and tag your friends who don’t know Dicoding and use the hashtag #Dicoding7thAnniversary Use the original account you always use (not a fake account) Let’s take part in this competition now! Win various prizes for your dream

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Miscellaneous Hello friends, happy new year! It fails to realize that 2021 has already passed. If you think back, there was a lot of technology developing in 2021, like new gadgets and new software. So, in this special article, we will discuss all the technologies that emerged and developed yesterday in 2021. Therefore, please read this article carefully so as not to leave any information behind. 5G network is available With the launch of 5G in 2020, the world entered a new era of internet speed and sophistication. 5G itself can be explained as the fifth generation whatsapp number list with faster download and upload data speeds compared to the previous generation i.e. 4G. On May 17, 2021, 5G officially entered the trial phase in many cities in

Indonesia. If your smartphone supports

Indonesia. If your smartphone supports a 5G network, you can use that 5G network. Currently, there are only three operators in Indonesia providing 5G Phone Number BL services. It is hoped that as 5G enters Indonesia, technological development will be further accelerated in the future. Currently, the main requirement for using 5G services is that the smartphone supports the 5G network. Another condition is that your location is included in the 5G trial area. is a time for us to celebrate our achievements. We are proud that Dicoding has remained faithful to be the developer’s friend of choice so far. In line with the vision and mission, we hope to continue to be the leading 

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