The core element of the brand is always the wake-up word

Xiaodu Xiaodu, and the fixes target is the elders. The form of video content is different, but everyone’s perception of the brand is the same. So, how to plan the content to leverage the natural traffic of Douyin? Let me give you a formula that has almost won many battles: “Familiar atmosphere” + “Fresh elements” That is to find familiar hotspots, familiar music or even familiar scenes on Douyin, The core so that everyone can enter the play in 3 seconds or 5 seconds and enter the familiar atmosphere, so as to retain users; and then add new elements to the video.

Inspire surprise and user chemistry retweets likes etc

Our video “Grandpa and Grandma’s Local Taste of Love” begins, Netherlands Mobile Number List with the familiar music of “Black Plum Sauce”, adding fresh elements – Xiaodu suddenly interjectes; To sum up: “Cost-effective brand” and “Social brand” are more suitable for Douyin brand content, mainly to solve the problem of presence (building brand image). In this regard, on the one hand, it is necessary to determine the core elements of the brand that can be naturally integrates into various videos; on the other hand, it is necessary to use the popular formula to create video content with self-communication power and obtain natural traffic at low cost.

Little rest bhook the double evolution of

Xiaohongshu The transformation of Xiaohongshu should, Phone Number BL be understood from two levels of community ecology and platform guidance. This is different from Douyin, where the dominance of Douyin traffic reform is basically completely in the hands of the platform. Before talking about these two points, let’s talk about the original genes of Xiaohongshu. It was born in a niche community of sharing and helping overseas shopping strategies, and has grown into a national-level grass-growing community.

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