The best Santander mortgages: variable

.Banco Santander is offering up to 1.10% bonuses for those who take out a loan with them. If you are considering applying for a mortgage soon, we detail how to get these bonuses with the best Santander mortgages right now. Find the best mortgage without mistakes Going from bank to bank is a thing of the past. The closest to a 100% mortgage from Santander is the Hipoteca Joven, which offers the opportunity to finance up to 95% . To qualify for the Young Mortgage, you must meet the following requirements : Be less than 35 years old . Acquire a habitual residence . Apart from the mortgage guarantee, you must present the guarantee of a third party. The Santander Young Mortgage also offers flexibility in terms of interest, repayment period and other key points. You can amortize the mortgage in 30 years.

Advantages of Santander mortgages

Banco Santander also has mixed mortgages and variable and fixed mortgages with some advantageous characteristics: You enjoy a preferential interest rate for the first 6 months without obligation to meet conditions. 0% opening commission . You can opt for up to a 1.10% bonus on the TIN. In the case of Santander mixed mortgages , the holder may choose the duration  of the initial fixed tranche between two options: First 2 and a half years with Sweden WhatsApp Number Data a lower fixed interest rate. First 9 and a half years at a higher fixed rate. After this section, the interest rate will become variable . It will be composed of the Euribor + the Banco Santander differential, which is currently between 0.80% and 2% for mixed mortgages, depending on their type and the bonuses. Santander variable and fixed interest rates

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How do I get bonuses at Santander?

With Banco Santander mortgages , generally, you will enjoy a preferential interest rate for the first 6 months. Likewise, you are eligible for up to 1.10% in bonuses starting from the seventh month if you meet the following conditions: 0.50% bonus when direct depositing a payroll of €600 per month, a pension or unemployment benefit of €300 per month or any CAP aid, or if Greece WhatsApp Number List the Self-Employed Social Security payment is at least €175 a month. 0.05% bonus for using Santander credit cards in the previous three months. Up to 1% bonus for having several insurance policies. The bonus is 0.10% for every €100 of annual premium. An additional 0.10% for providing an Energy Efficiency Certificate (CEE) with a rating of A or B for both indicators.

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