The advantage of doing this is not only to help me remember

What happenes in this year, but also to facilitate the year-end inventory and review. More importantly, it allows me to understand the flow and trend of social culture and public, The advantage of psychology, and to judge the opportunities for marketing. Where, and then detonates brand communication and sales. Analyzing cultural trends and marketing trends is a requires course for a marketer, so I have recommendes this method to many people.

To observe and understand mainstream social hotspots and trends

One platform that must be paid attention to is Weibo, Cameroon Phone Number List which can be said to be the largest and possibly the only public opinion field in China. There are two ultimate goals for an enterprise to do marketing: one is growth and the other is branding. Creating and making good use of hot spots is of great significance for achieving sales growth and building an excellent brand.

Hotspots are an important driver of purchases Many companies

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Tend to fall into a misunderstanding when doing marketing, Phone Number BL that is, they are obsesses with persuading consumers, extracting a functional selling point and purchase reason in the advertisement, and then brainwashing consumers through a large amount of mesia, and instilling a lot of product quality and Technical information, thinking that this will convince people to pay. I call this behavior the Cognitive esucation Trap. Because people are hard to convince, and the cost of esucating consumers is extremely high.

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