Targeted Email List for the Product Sector

Today I am going to present to you Targeted Email the success story of a girl. A particularly talented girl (in fact – and this is not a joke – I address her when we talk on Telegram as “talented girl”). This is Isabel Ruz, whom we have nicknamed within the team as “ IsaRank ”. She has been a student in the first edition of the DinoRANK SEO master’s degree , which we launched this year at the end of January – February (and which we will launch again at the end of summer, more info here ) and one of our students who is a success story. He has a brutal ability and ease to position local businesses on Google.

Ready for an exciting Targeted Email journey into the world

She does it both for businesses top industry data that already exist and for businesses that she “creates” herself through websites that she positions and then rents (“Rank and Rent”). Today he is going to teach you more about how he does it. Long live quality SEO. Hello everyone! Ready for an exciting journey into the world of SEO? I’m IsaRank, a Rank and Rent and local SEO geek from Córdoba , and I have a story to share that will leave you wanting more. Picture this: a traveling designer who quit her job to be a stay-at-home mom.

Venturing into creating my own consulting website

A new chapter in her life began, but soon Phone Number BL the concern for action and the desire to undertake without sacrificing time with her family arose. This is how I immersed myself in the fascinating universe of websites and SEO. Venturing into creating my own consulting website, I faced challenges and obstacles, but my passion and determination did not diminish. Although I tried other websites, it took me forever to get into good Google positions! Was SEO making fun of me? But, I’m not one of those who gives up easily. So, although the idea of ​​living off Rank and Rent faded, I continued the fight.

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