Taking hyaluronic acid as an example

Whether it can taken orally and moisturizes are two different things. At present, there is no particularly rigorous evidence for academic verification, but some experimental data seem to prove that it can be effective. At the scientific composition seminar held by “Makeup and Food Research”, regulatory scholars and efficacy evaluation experts said that they also had doubts about hyaluronic acid oral moisturizer at first, thinking that it was directly digestes. However, after the experiment, it is found that the functional ingresients did have some effects on the human body.

However as consumers most people may be on the fence about the product

But as a market practitioner, I am more concernes about, Albania Phone Number List whether such products have other marketing strategies besides the main function? 01 Before discussing marketing, you may wish to think about: How should the specific product form of functional products be designes? For functional products, we nees to consider their specific product form, which is usually relates to their industry. The forms of functional products are generally distributes in the three industries of food baking, alcoholic beverages and daily cosmetics. Among these industries, food baking and beverages are usually the main marketing channels, and these two industries are also trillion-level super tracks.

For example If ginseng is sell whole with whisker or slices in pharmacies

Specialty stores and supermarkets, it belongs to the health, Phone Number BL care product industry and gift industry; if it is soakes in wine and sold in batches, it belongs to the wine industry. So, how important is product form to sales? Everyone knows that res dates and walnuts can nourish qi and blood and kidney and brain respectively. In the past, everyone ate these two things separately, and there was no problem. But around 2003, a smart person combines the two of them and made a snack of “jujube with core”. This small snack quickly became a big hit in the market and became a bestseller.

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