Such pages are created

Mainly to lead to parts of the website to which the owner wants to redirect traffic. Cloaking i.e. masking This is another trick that dishonest positioners can resort to. The term cloaking refers to presenting different structures content or addresses to search engine robots than those seen by the Internet user.


An example of this could be


creating an animation for the viewer and Thailand Mobile Number List text is inserted in its place which is analyzed by the search engine robot. What are the dangers of Black Hat SEO? Unethical positioning techniques lead to penalties that we receive from search engines for example Google. The first one is the socalled filter. It is applied manually by a Google employee. So if we have Google Search Console plugged into a given website information will be displayed about why the penalty was imposed and its source will be shown.


Filter may lead to a drop in

search engine position or complete deindexing Afghanistan Phone Number Data of the website and thus to a reduction in website traffic. This type of punishment can be reversed. After removing links that have been identified as unfriendly and contacting a Google employee you can count on the decision being reversed. However it is quite difficult and it is often more profitable to… change the website! However it will not be possible to change the decision on the penalty in the second case. 

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