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Subscribe youtube evaboot We recommend not to use this filter as it’s not reliable. function search filter Linkin creates a Function for every open job position on your leads’ profile. how function filter works on sales navigator Here you can see that this person with current experiences has functions: Marketing Business Development ucation ceo classifi as ucation This creates a lot of confusion and canlead you to add unqualifi leads in your search results. . Seniority Level Same thing here, Linkin use an algorithm to guess the seniority levels of your leads bas on their job titles and other information.

We recommend not to

Use it seniority level filter LinkIn will create seo expate bd a Seniority Level for every current experience on your profile. So if you have open experience, you will have different Seniority Level attach to your profile. seniority level of decision makers sales navigator You can see in this example that a CEO can be consider as in intern. That is why If you know exactly which job title you want to target, our advice is to not use this filter. ceo classifi as entry by sales navigator After all, if you know the job titles you want to target, you don’t ne this filter.

Year in current

Company This filter can be useful if you want to target: Heads of who just getting start in their new companies and might be open to use new services or product (using the less than year filter). Targeting entrepreneurs Phone Number BL who launch their company from enough time to have the budget to pay you. year in current company search filter . Year In current position The “Year in current position” works exactly the same way but take as input the time in the current job position. year in current position filter sales navigator . Spotlights leads spotlight filters on Sales Navigator: Chang Job in the past days.

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