Subrogating the mortgage with Caixa Bank

Changing banks is common if your desire is to improve your mortgage . In this article, we will see what the conditions are for subrogating your mortgage to CaixaBank. Housfy improves your mortgage and helps you save on your payment We negotiate with banks to offer you better conditions? Mortgage subrogation is a common method to obtain better conditions for your loan. With it, the holder of a mortgage has many possibilities: Negotiate a new interest rate . Change from variable to fixed mortgage . Extend the repayment period. Reduce commissions , linked products or other clauses. If you have suffered increases in your installments, a subrogation may be a good option to avoid the next increases in the Euribor .

Conditions to subrogate your mortgage with CaixaBank

If you want to carry out your mortgage subrogation with CaixaBank , the entity offers the following features: Fixed interest rate . Term of up to 30 years . You can use part of the amortized capital again . CaixaBank will refund the cost of the appraisal if you have already paid it. If you have Greece WhatsApp Number Data to pay a mortgage cancellation fee with your current bank, CaixaBank will finance it with the rest of the mortgage amount. Likewise, with CaixaBank you can qualify for up to 1% discounts on the interest rate, if you maintain certain ties with the entity: Direct your payroll with a minimum of €600 and 3 receipts and use CaixaBank cards at least 3 times a month. Take out CaixaBank home insurance . Take out life or health insurance. Hire the Securitas Direct alarm service .

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Housfy helps you improve your mortgage

One of the peculiarities of the CaixaBank mortgage is that the interest rate can be negotiated and it is possible to get a personalized offer for you and your situation. You can also change banks if your employment situation has improved and you believe that with your new profile you can Bahamas Whatsapp Number List get more favorable conditions. Calculate the new installments with our mortgage simulator to consider whether you would be interested in a subrogation with these conditions. How to calculate a mortgage of 100,000 euros easily? If you choose CaixaBank to subrogate your mortgage, we recommend that you contact a mortgage broker ,

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