Stay Ahead in the Product Industry

Let’s be careful detectives: The first thing Stay Ahead is to think that we are going to work on a generic services page, and that it should not contain data that could focus on a specific company . So be careful with that, a potential client can drive you crazy. Do not choose towns that are too small , if it is large and has little competition we make sure to charge a good rental price. Understanding well what the user’s search intention is is also essential, meaning that Google shows you the service that you want to provide when we search for that keyword.

Bad indicator for us it is telling us Stay Ahead that there is a lot of advertising

Example: If you search for a painter in category email list Córdoba and it shows you Julio Romero, it is not the keyword you should choose, while if it shows painting companies it is the correct one. Keyword analysis in Keyword research by Dinorank Search volume: 6,600 – very good data Average competition: 0.40 average in Google ads CPC: €34.85 – Bad indicator for us, it is telling us that there is a lot of advertising and even if we manage to be in first positions we will not appear at the top. Search volume: 590 – very good data Average competition: 0.09 Low in Google ads (great) CPC: €1.08 (not bad at all) Let’s go with the data in hand, we have the perfect move to hit SEO.

So we are going to continue with our research process

Painters Valencia has all the cards in its Phone Number BL favor, it is the winning option against locksmith Madrid ! We are talking about a niche with amazing search volume, low competition and an ad indicator that makes us smile from ear to ear. So we could say that we have a niche that so far can be attackable. So we are going to continue with our research process. Let’s continue investigating in depth! It’s time to take out our magnifying glass and study those magnates in the first position. DinoRANK shows them to us in the same Keyword research module, on the right. We proceed to analyze the pages that occupy the first positions in the search results.

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