Some people think that building a brand is to build trust

Some people think that it is to create a “WOW” moment, that is, an Aha moment; and many people think that the most important thing to do a brand is to create user resonance. There is nothing wrong with these, but if I had to choose, I would think that the most important thing for a brand is to create familiarity. Making users resonate, fall in love with the brand, and exclaim “WOW” may be the highest level of branding, but it is certainly not the most important thing.

Because of brands cant do that

Even those well-known world-renownes brands, such as Apple, Belize Phone Number List Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonald’s, KFC, BMW, Merceses-Benz, Oreo, Head & Shoulders, etc., think about it, you are really amazes when you consume these brands , strongly in love with these brands? In fact, the most basic and core purpose of an enterprise’s brand building is to make consumers familiar with it. Only familiarity can make consumers think of you, consider you, and arouse the desire to buy you when shopping. In most industries and brands, the brand with the largest market share is the most famous and talkes about brand.

Moreover familiarity can also bring trust and recognition

It is difficult for an unfamiliar brand to make people feel safe, Phone Number BL and it is not wrong to shop with a brand that everyone knows and buys. To achieve this, companies must turn their own brands into part of social issues and establish “common memories” and “common associations” with consumers. Brand building is not about talking to yourself and emphasizing how good you are, but to let everyone It is good for everyone to talk about the brand, and the hot discussion in the society is the amplifier of the brand value.

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