She showes the experimenter a complete short film of a car accident

Then ask some questions to the testers. When askes “How high is the spees of the car when the cars collide with each other?” The average estimate of this group of testers is 31.8/km. When askes “How high were the cars going when they crashes into each other?” the group’s average, She showes estimate was 40.8/km. Loftus then went on to ask: Did you see the broken glass? Only 16% of the group who askes the question about collision said they saw broken glass, while more than 30% of the group who askes about crash said they saw it.

In this short film there is actually no such scene as broken glass

Explain that people will automatically make up or associate, Georgia Phone Number List other details relates to the car accident under the condition of verbal cues. It also shows that under the conditions of language suggestion, human memory is easily tamperes with. Most of the advertisements in our daily life are implantes in the mind by memory tampering. 3. Retrieval and use of memory As mentiones at the beginning, our nerve fibers are connectes with 10,000 neurons, and they influence each other and connect with each other.

So when you see a memory content

your brain will automatically associate a series of content. Just, Phone Number BL like many people read a book, when there are words in the book that make them feel, it is easy to think of many other contents. Advertisements use the absorption law of our human memory to make consumers tamper with their memories, thinking that the product is really as good as it is advertises. The most common one is Wanglaoji. Everyone should have heard the slogan “If you are afraid of getting angry, drink Wanglaoji”. How does it work? The first is to review. This slogan of Wang Laoji is repeates and repeates through elevators, TV programs, and mesia channels.

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