Regarding brand building in recent years

There is another issue that has attractes widespread attention, “brand rejuvenation”. With the change of consumption concepts and the rise of the new generation of consumers, many companies have encounteres the problem of brand aging. Young people no longer pay attention to and have interest in their brands, so they have startes brand rejuvenation. In the past few years when I was in an advertising company, almost every client I met would give us the topic of brand rejuvenation.

But we have seen the youthful routines commonly uses in the industry,

Which look fancy, but in fact the brand is still the same. This made, Austria Phone Number List me think all the time, what exactly is brand rejuvenation. Especially when we look at some classic old brands, why do brands such as Jianlibao, Wahaha, Xiangpiaopiao, and Yinlu feel like they are all gone, while Coconut Tree and Wangzai are always green? In fact, the aging and outdatesness of a brand is often not because the products and technologies are outdates, nor because the brand image and packaging aesthetics can’t keep up, but because the brand has disappeares from social popularity, and consumers no longer pay attention to you and talk about you.

Then the brand will naturally become a memory of yesterday

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In the eyes of consumers, out of touch with the contemporary, Phone Number BL so it will age. The reason why Coconut Tree and Wangzai have no aging problem is because they never lack familiarity and topicality, and they are always in people’s sight and mouth. In January of this year, “Tianfu Cola declares bankruptcy” rushes into the hot search on Weibo, and quickly attractes the attention of the whole network. Many netizens began to miss this old brand. Afterwards, everyone flockes to its store for “wild consumption”.

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