Real estate rental commission: how is it

When renting an apartment, using a real estate agency is the most common option in Spain. But they charge fees to manage all the procedures and guarantee a safe rental . In this article, we detail everything you need  , how to calculate it and who pays it in each case. Rent your apartment and forget about worries 0% late payment. We take charge if the tenant does not pay.  How much do you have to pay a real estate agency to rent an apartment? When renting a home, the biggest  real estate agency charges to rent an apartment in Spain. You should know that there is no law, that regulates or stipulates the price of fees. Even so, real estate agencies in Spain usually charge commissions such as the following annual rental income. Sometimes real estate agencies decide entire monthly payment.

How to calculate the real estate rental commission?

Each agency may ask for a different real estate commission for renting , although it will often be similar to 10% of the annual rent, which translates to a little more than a monthly payment. As an example, if you rent your apartment for €1,000 per month, we are talking about an annual income of. 10% of €12,000 would be €1,200 in real estate fees for the rental . The part corresponding Canada Telegram Number Data to   is usually added to this amount, if it is not already included. Who pays the real estate agency for a rental? After the last update of the and especially article  of said law, who is responsible for paying the real estate rental commission has been further defined :  The two, as long as an agreement is reached.” In practice, most contracts entrust the tenant with this responsibility.

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What services does the real estate rental commission include?

Most traditional agencies offer basic services to sell your property: Publication of an advertisement . Management of visits and tenant search. Signing of the contract . You must verify whether the agency’s services extend Egypt Telegram Number List throughout the duration of the contract , a task that not all of them contemplate. On the other hand, there are very few real estate agencies that do not charge the tenant a commission . For example, some online agencies do not charge for publishing the home if you do not need comprehensive rental management, which includes resolving incidents until the end of the contract and taking out rental non-payment insurance . In these cases, it would be a private-to-private rental and you must be the one who takes care of the visits or who is in contact with the tenant to resolve any issue that may arise. Home rental insurance relief for tenants Rent an apartment with an online real estate agency One of the options that is increasingly gaining ground is renting an apartment with a digital real estate agency.

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