Purpose is the path between the head and the heart

The definition of purpose is relatively easy to understand: It is the reason behind everything in your life and what allows you to connect with society and contribute value . It is the intersection between what you do best (your special skills) and what society needs. On my blog you can find these and other definitions of purpose so you understand it better. They are different approaches to the same idea. What do I do well (my company or I), and how can I apply it to society to cover a need or solve a problem . In my case I have verbalized it in the following way: I have been providing my clients with the necessary tools to solve their marketing challenges for more than 20 years, but where I really add value is by lighting the fuse of inspiration to find the most effective solutions.

How can you make your content visible in the face of so much noise

It is incredible the amount of impressive resources that we have at our disposal and top industry data that it is impossible for us to cover. They are content from such powerful authors that you wonder, how is it possible that I didn’t know about it? Many years ago (2012!) I reflected on the relevance of users thinking about Twitter . Depending on the type of user , we usually find that someone who is a mega star in one sector is a complete unknown in another. The same happens with the content associated with these authors. In recent months I keep finding gems of content from 10, 15 or more years ago. This has always happened, but my impression is that it is increasingly difficult to find these wonders. On the Internet everything is noise, low quality content, it sells smoke, charlatans, etc. etc

What can we do to make our content visible?

If we bring this reflection down to the reality of bloggers, what can we do so that our content . Reaches those we want it to reach? It seems like the only way to reach our audience is to make more and . More noise. In this situation, our only response is to make more . Noise? It’s like in those conversations where we step on what the other is saying by raising our voice, and the other reacts the same. The Phone Number BL result is that we end up screaming. I’ve been running my blog and social profiles . For many years, and I think I’ve gone through all the phases: loud (posting almost anything non-stop), mute, talkative, not very talkative. And my conclusion is that it doesn’t matter how much you talk, if you don’t what you say.

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