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In an increasingly globalized world, new terms are emerging to describe unprecedented ways of understanding reality. This is the case of PropTech , a word composed of property and technology . In this article we analyze everything you need to know about the PropTech industry, what it is and how it has revolutionized the real estate world. How much is my house worth? Carry out a free online valuation of your home in a few minutes RATE FREE HOUSING What are PropTech companies? PropTech is a new concept that encompasses all technological tools used to buy, market and manage real estate.  Among them, we find online real estate agencies , digital rental platforms between individuals or real estate management companies, among others. Donation or sale between siblings, which is better?

PropTech innovations

Real estate agencies had monopolized the housing market for years. Their high commissions made them earn a lot of money in a short time, something that does not always favor the consumer. There are three verticals in the real estate sector that had room for improvement and that PropTech Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data  struggle to improve: The long processes . Customer service . Let’s see! Centralization of services Often, services from the real estate and home worlds are intertwined with each other. Sell ​​your house getting more for less Paying a lot to receive little is a thing of the past.

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PropTech has been tactical in the way it communicates with the client . . The ability to share documents with a single click makes the process more efficient for owners and agents. This way, both can dedicate more Croatia WhatsApp Number List time to what really matters: the quality of the consumer experience. Virtual tours make those who wish to buy more convinced of their interest and saves time on unnecessary visits, which often hinders the sales process. Fair rates With the digital world at our service, PropTechs have known how to use data and computer applications that make processes more convenient for both parties. The objective is to help property owners and landlords manage their real estate assets, centralizing all procedures and optimizing processes. Personal income tax home sale calculator: how much do I have to pay? Example of

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