presence of your bar or restaurant on Facebook

presence of, There are many important social networks for a gastronomic company. But I believe that Facebook (with more than 1.3 billion users and a marked influence in the tourism and leisure sector) should be an essential part of any social media marketing strategy. for the hospitality sector . As the owner of a bar.  Cafe or restaurant you may not be quite sure which is the best way to use Facebook to help promote your hospitality business . Well. don’t worry.  We are here to try to help you. Facebook in hospitality (Cafe, bar or restaurant) #Infographic 1. Create a page and not a personal profile There are many bars or restaurants that use personal profiles on this social network. For what I will never tire of saying. I also give it as my first piece of advice.

Does your bar or restaurant have a Facebook page?

presence of, There is a misconception that it is the fastest way to get followers. But it is only a quick email leads way for Facebook to penalize us and not take full advantage of the full potential of this great marketing tool. 2. Choose your page as “local place or business” Facebook pages as a local business are for companies that have a specific physical location such as hospitality companies. The difference between this and other business pages is that they use the concept of “check-in” . Our fans.  Through this check-in.  Will be able to tell their friends that they are physically in our establishment (by placing our name on the map) . 3. Give more importance to the visual design of your page Facebook.  Thanks to its latest update.  Allows you to visually design.

Choose your page as “local place or business”

Profile Image: This is the image that will accompany the business’s comments and Phone Number BL publications. Therefore, the profile image is the best place for your company logo. Give importance to images: if you run a hotel. restaurant or bar.  Take attractive photos of your city.  Establishment and the products offered there. These images will then serve as valuable content to share. Important: always keep in mind the correct dimensions of these images. 10 Tips to Improve the Presence of Your Bar or Restaurant on Facebook #Hospitality 4. Customize the favorites bar Updated: These favorites are now located in the left sidebar of your page. On this platform it is possible to have applications or tools (own or third-party) that make it easier for you to provide.

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