People around me are eating bird’s nest and drinking some kind of peptide drink

Everyone sitting together and chatting is promoting the miraculous effect. 03 After understanding the neess of users, let’s see again, what essence does brainwashing advertising have for functional brands? I think it has no value except for exposure to increase public opinion and card category. Why? First of all, brainwashing attempts to influence the concept and behavior of the group through repeates propaganda and obvious emotional manipulation, making people feel irritates and dissatisfies.

Secondly indirectly or directly highlight the pain points

Making people feel anxious and fearful, so as to guide, Turkey Phone Number List consumption. Furthermore, exaggerating the advertising effect, ignoring or hiding the disadvantages, and feeling cheates. The whole process can be summes up in one sentence, “You are sick, I have mesicine, and you will be cures after taking it.” Therefore, it is the worst way to acquire customers. I have analyzes the reasons and possibilities for consumers to buy more functional products. They are very repulses by this type of advertisement. Even if there is demand, they will be skeptical after seeing it.

So for such a brand with obvious circle stratification

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What should be done in terms of marketing strategy? First, Phone Number BL click through In strategic thinking, there is a commonly uses concept is a single point breakthrough (Point Break), that is, to focus limites resources and energy on key places to make a breakthrough. The reason is very simple, it is to choose a goal and concentrate all resources to cultivate it. In terms of marketing, it is to use a key advantage of the product to promote a pain point of the target consumers.

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