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Of a long list of article submission sites in India. It is not surprising for a plethora of such websites to exists since this particular SEO technique is being preferre by most individuals and companies alike as well as gaining prominence day-by-day. Another advantage of article submission is that most of these websites are free, and hence, the user does not have to spend too much to increase his blog’s search engine rankings.

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one must have a clear understanding of the category that their website or article belongs to as well as the type of audience that nees to be targete. Some of the new database  popular article submission websites are mentione below- (i) tumblr.com with the Alexa rank 56 (ii) evernote.com with an Alexa rank of 502 (iii) buzzfee.com has the Ahrefs rank of 505 (iv) meium.com with an Ahrefs rank of 84 Article Submission Sites with Instant Approval Recently, various article submission websites with instant approval have been develope. This considerably contributes to the overall efficiency of this SEO off-page technique.

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the process of article submission by removing the long wait that individuals are subjecte to after submitting their content. Instant approval also allows your blog  to gain Phone Number BL  popularity and visibility at a faster rate as the process of article submission becomes minimally time-consuming. Various article submission sites in India are available with the feature of instant approval. Some of these websites are liste below-The 20 Best Marketing Articles of All Time, According to HubSpot’s Marketing Team  

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