One Year 2% Rent Limit: Is It a Good Time

Prices rise and supply falls: it is the opposite of what was sought. On, the measures of the plan to face the economic consequences. And now the owners have doubts: is it a good time to rent a home ? In this article, we analyze the situation to provide answers. Rent your apartment and forget about worries 0% late payment. We take charge if the tenant does not pay. Has the 2% rent cap worke? Joan Clos, president of the Association of Rental Home Owners (Asval), announced last week his dissatisfaction with the Government’s measures to avoid large rent increases. He argued that changes in rental policies have scared away a large number of owners , who have decided to withdraw their homes from the market motivated by uncertainty.

But has it really been disastrous for the owners?

It remains in doubt whether the measures have been effective in encouraging access to housing for new tenants , although they do not seem to be a problem for owners who wish to rent an apartment soon. The data shows that renting an apartment right now means receiving the highest income Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data of all time , since the rental price has surpassed historical highs in many of the cities of our country in 2023. Similarly, if we look at data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), we will see that a 2% rent increase is higher than most CPI rates over the last decade . Before 2021, the CPI rarely exceeded 2%, only to fall below that value again and even reach negative rates from 2014 to 2016 and in 2020.

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The Government is studying raising the rent limit to 3%

The latest negotiations in the Congress of Deputies have the Housing Law project for 2023 on embers. This law, which aims to encourage the supply of rental apartments through incentives, will see the Colombia Phone Number List light. One of the pending issues now is to increase the rent limit to 3% by 2024, while the Government r. For now, the 2% limit on rent will be in effect until December 2023. If you soon have to update your tenant’s rents, we recommend that you consult the following article on how to raise the rent with the 2% limit . Recommende reading: What CPI is applie to rentals and how to update it in rentals? Is it a good time to rent an apartment? With the current situation, Housfy experts are confident that renting.

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